Gugjet Potholder


Matching the placemat set, the kitchen potholder comes in chequered bordered cotton with an embroidered Gugjet motif.

Dimension: 22 x 22 cm.

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Gugjet Potholder

Gugjet Potholder recalls the local tradition with the representation of the Gugjet motif (the quintessential symbol of Carnia the mountainous territory of Friuli), is a particular shaped heart that is represented by various local artisans. Made entirely in cotton, it is large and easily machine washable. The item is offered in combination with the Gugjet placemats.

The washes can be made with water not exceeding 60 degrees. We recommend using a neutral detergent and ironing the fabric while still damp and with a very hot iron.



The Cooperativa Da Amici Viviamo Insieme Dividendo Esperienze, or DAVIDE for short, was born in 2000 thanks to a group of families with disabled children living in a mountainous area. In 2006, the first course of weaving with handlooms was run that, over the years, has turned into an activity with an ever increasing quality and a growing recognition in the territory.

In 2012 the cooperative joined the “Project Gugjet” scheme promoted by the municipal administration of Tolmezzo (UD), aimed at the spreading of a new symbol of the pride and culture of Carnia.



The art of weaving in Carnia has very ancient origins, but it was particularly rooted in the period from the early 1700s to the late 1800s when there was at least one loom in use in every home, even in the most remote and furthest valley. The entrepreneur Jacopo Linussio gave such a great impetus to the activity; in a few short years built up a manufacturing company employing some 30,000 textile workers. At the time Jacopo Linussio’s textile mill was considered Europe’s largest textile manufacturer and, with the assistance of the Republic of Venice, the textiles were exported to places as far and wide as Asia and the America’s.

Inspired by the experience of Linussio in the Eighteenth century, DAVIDE propose various textile items.

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“Gugjet Potholder”

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