We are two sisters with different characters but a shared love for our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia, a land of conquests, of arrivals and departures, of sea and of mountains… and not only this: it is a territory rich in artisan productions that represent the passion, the traditions, and the culture of our region.

After some experiences, one of us in the commercial sphere and the other in the cultural, we decided to undertake a common path and the choice was precisely to promote and market quality regional productions of the non-food sector, through an innovative channel such as that of the web.

We present products from different market sectors in a virtual court (or “cort” in the Friulian language), which we invite you to get to know and appreciate together with us. Home textiles, ceramics, furnishings, and objects for the home are only some of the articles that can be found in our online store.
We would like to bring a little bit of our territory into your home, so that you will discover how rich the panorama offered by a small region with a big heart can be.


lacortstore.com is the online sales channel that offers articles conceived and developed in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The handicrafts, sometimes niche, as well as products that are already appreciated in Italy and abroad, make this site unique in its genre.

Our desire is to promote the territory, its history, and its traditions, by introducing you to original Made in Italy products.

What is there to buy? Products suited to the ambiance of any home, from a style that is classic and traditional to one that is more contemporary and minimalist, without forgetting the personal accessories and the gifts for loved ones.

Whether it is the tradition, the use of local materials, or even the concept of the article itself, the ties with our region remains the common thread of our selection.
Ours is an ongoing project that will be enriched with new productions… because in this Court you are always welcome!

CLICK HERE to listen our history! (Project realized in partnership with Confartigianato Udine).