Hand embroidered woman velvet slippers


Black velvet woman slippers with traditional handmade embroidered flowers and anti-slip rubber sole.

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Hand made woman slippers

Black velvet scarpets with the traditional friulian embroidered Edelweiss flowers and anti-slip rubber sole completely handstiched like the old tradition. This original kind of scarpets are really refined and suitable for also for the external use thanks to high quality materials: velvet, sole and upper shoe are carefully selected and cut.

These pair of scarpets have an original embroidery handmade with colored wool; the collection includes different colored patterns, made up of red, violet, yellow or fuchsia wollen yarns till to light blue and green. Edelweiss is the typical flower growing on our Alps.

We can not assure the choice of the embroidered pattern.

These pair of woman slippers coming from local craftmanship are made up of a lot of manual steps like the original scarpets which in old times a lot of women were able to produce.

On request all woman sizes are available. Please write in the note field or at Customer care La Cort for any questions and for ordering your size.

Possible imperfections or minor differences of the product compared to the photo, indicate the high craftsmanship of a handmade product.



Nowadays there are only few artisans specialized in making slippers, here called scarpets or friulane, because a typical product of this Region. The production, both in the classic velvet style and in the more actual coloured models, is characterized from a handcrafted manufacture and high quality materials.

Main characteristic of friulane or furlane is a special production that does not require any glue, because the sole is bound to the upper shoe by a difficult and precise needlecraft, the same of the original tradition. The result of this manual technique is a pair of shoes, unique, comfortable and flexible.



Until mid of XX century, scarpets have been the typical shoes of the mountain region of Friuli, Carnia. The original product is a plat shoe, with no heel, made of velvet or fabric and a sole realized with a lot of fabric layers, seemed together with twine. All family was involved in this manual manufacturing and used this special shoes. Depending on place and of the historical time, some characteristics changed, like tip size and shape.

In the past, during summer, women are used to move to Venice for selling their creations: this is why this typical shoes arrived in Venetian area and became the famous shoe used from gondoliers and called veneziane, papusse and others names. Usually this shoes are more weak than the furlane.

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“Hand embroidered woman velvet slippers”

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