Wool handmade sweater Tramonto model


Woman wool sweater with a coloured geometric pattern, completely handmade in Italy. An original model De Antoni Carnia in exclusive for La Cort.

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Wool handmade sweater Tramonto model

Woman wool sweater completely handmade in Italy. The sweater is plain knitted; wrist, necklace and bottom ribbed knitted. Coloured geometric pattern throughout in yellow, orange, grey, dark grey, green, dark green, light blue and dark blue.
Wear it with skinny jeans or a midi skirt. An original design in exclusive for La Cort.

100% Merino wool. Weight 430 gr. Hand wash.

Dimensions: shoulders 40.50 cm, pelvis 43 cm, chest 47.50 cm, sleeve 53 cm.

Possible imperfections or minor differences of the product compared to the photo indicate the high craftsmanship of a handmade product.



The tradition of boiled wool is still alive thanks to De Antoni Carnia company active from the ’90. The products are made in Comeglians a little mountain’s village of Carnia, a small area in the north of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Nord-Est region of Italy).
Men’s, women’s and children’s jackets and waistcoats, capes, slippers and small tapestries etc.: every De Antoni model is made by craftsmen, from the original idea to the finishing touches. Their passion for wool and for the beautiful shades, obtained by the knowledgeable integrating of colours and in the search for softness and absolute quality of garments in boiled wool.
In the first step the threads are chosen depending on their naturalness and the intrinsic characteristics of the wool. This is an important phase as it decides the softness and the resistance of the garment. Then the threads are chosen to donate original colour mix before the following step, when the pieces of wool are ready to be boiled. This is probably the most delicate phase of production.
The wool cloth is then dried in the mountain sun and carefully pressed by hand, acquiring the excellent characteristics of both being water resistant and very warm.
Once the material is ready it needs to be cut. Everything is strictly sewing by hand.

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“Wool handmade sweater Tramonto model”

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