Art Decò embroidery scissors


Embroidery collection scissors Art Decò model, with blades and handle decorations completely handmade. For collections and original gift ideas.

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Art Decò embroidery scissors

Art Decò collection embroidery scissors with blades and handle decorations completely handmade. The scissors are perfect to be used for every embroidery and needlecraft work thanks to thin and pointed-tip blades, as well as for collection purpose for their original design.

Total length of 3,5” (from eyelet to the tip).



The factory is one of the last European companies active in manufacturing handicraft scissors, uses stainless steel AISI 420 C, laser cutting technology and high-specialized craftsmen. The finished product is characterized by a clear cut and an ergonomic design for a practical and functional scissors use.



Maniago is a small city located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Northeastern Italy. Our valley had water and iron and most probably these were the two main elements that gave way to the tradition and production of blades and knives during the Roman Age, and in subsequent years the territory was under the region of the Venetian Republic and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Our city is renowned all over the world for its production of knives, an activity which started around the 15th century due to its proximity to the city of Venice. During that period work began on the making of halberds for the army, while in subsequent centuries production became more varied; presently, within the municipality of Maniago, kitchen, hunting, sports knives are produced, along with industrial blades, gardening scissors and corkscrews.

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“Art Decò embroidery scissors”

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