Black Anchor pocket square


Hand-painted black Anchor pocket square in fine silk fabric. Designed and made in Italy.

Complete the look with the black Anchor bow tie.

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Black Anchor pocket square

Black Anchor pocket square in fine black hand-painted silk fabric with anchors pattern in yellow and gold colours by Sarti. The elegant Anchor pocket square has a design strictly bound to the local marine tradition and completes a formal look. The accessory is proposed also as a gift idea.

Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm / 11.8″x 11.8″ Material: 100% twill silk; hand wash in cold water.

Possible imperfections or minor differences of the product compared to the picture indicate the high craftsmanship.



The splendour of silk combines with the classy elegance of Sarti’s garments and hand-painted artistic decorations, which are rooted in the Italian tradition. Silk, the fabric which was originally the exclusive property of Chinese emperors, is quintessentially refined and light. The pleasure of the touch of silk on your skin combines with the feeling of exclusiveness which comes from the uniqueness of the bespoke hand-painted fabric for each item.

The pocket square is part of a complete collection of bow ties, ties and pocket squares for men. The original design is created and developed by Sarti Company, specialized in manufacturing and painting high quality accessories for home, woman and man with the same brand name.



When Friuli has been included into the Republic of Venice around the beginning of Fifteenth century, a lot of manufacturing processes and products have been influenced by the Serenissima, among them we remember silk production. In the following centuries it became one of the leading productions of the Region, so that all territory was involved in the mulberry planting with a lot of silk farming, the rearing of silkworms for the production of silk. The production went on until the mid of 20th century when family farmers still had their own silkworm and confered the cocoons to specialized centres.

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“Black Anchor pocket square”

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