Set of three Gingerbread House buttons


Set of three Gingerbread House ceramic buttons completely handmade. Handmade in Italy.


Set of three Gingerbread House buttons

Set of three Gingerbread House ceramic buttons completely handmade. The buttons are house-shaped and one is different from the other: one is natural clay finished, the other two in white different finishes. The set includes three little house buttons, thought for little works on accessories, for realizing Christmas works and for decorating your home.

Ceramic and paintings materials are nontoxic and with no lead.

Because it is completely handmade, the final product can be a little different from that shown in the picture. Dimensions of 3.30 x 3.50 cm circa.



Pottery production and decoration requires specific manual skills both for large objects and for small products, such as buttons. Firstly, the artisan selects the grow material: Italian common clay as earthenware or more refined clays like porcelains or gres materials.
Then the buttons are modelled by hand or through special molds using clay sheets. The buttons are now dried and finished before being decorated. Pigments, colored clays, varnishes are usually used to garnish the buttons.
The buttons are realized and hand painted from the local factory Bottoni e non solo specialized in clay and pottery manufacturing.
The artisan produces several different and original shaped buttons, sometimes in partnership with external designers. Lately production is made up also of decorative objects such as hanging decorations, ceramic tags, mugs to donate as a gift or party favours.

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“Set of three Gingerbread House buttons”

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