Walnut wood kitchen board


Walnut wood chopping board for kitchen use. Made in Italy.


Walnut wood kitchen board

Walnut solid wood chopping board belonging to MT collection made up of items manufactured in walnut wood. With its original design, the walnut board can be used for kitchen preparations, as well as elegant tray thanks the wooden handle allows a sure gripe. The item is an original gift idea also for as wedding present. This unique shape has been inspired from the profile of an African woman.

The walnut chopping board is an useful and original accessory for your house but it is also proposed for restaurants, lounges, B&B for an elegant and modern style.

Maximum dimensions: 34 x 23.50 cm and thickness circa 1.10 cm.

The chopping board is naturally finished with beeswax, so it is completely natural and suitable for food. Before its first use, treat the board with food-grade oil, preferably olive oil and for its well maintenance repeat the treatment every 2-3 months. For the cleaning use a damp cloth; it is not advisable to clean this product in the dishwasher.



The item belongs to MT production made up of a lot of walnut wood items like tries, chopping board with stone inserts, centrepieces, vases. Walnut colour and veinings are naturally highlighted by the beeswax finish.

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“Walnut wood kitchen board”

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