Doge corkscrew


Pull out handmade corkscrew Doge, embellished with glass pearls of Murano (Venice).


Doge Farfalli corkscrew

Doge model corkscrew embellished with glass pearls created by the best glass-makers of Murano (Venice). Pull out handmade corkscrew with a helical spiral,  totally in steel and Murano glass bids. Murano glass pearls come from a certified production.

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Doge Farfalli corkscrew is also perfect as a gift idea; supplied in an elegant black and red box. Italian made corkscrew.

To ensure the best care for the product, we recommend washing it by hand.

Corkscrews are dangerous and offensive articles if used improperly: always use responsibly, and keep them out of reach of children.



Farfalli is leader in the manufacturing of corkscrews, from the simplest product to the more professional and refined model. Main purpose is that to provide a quality and useful product. The collection now features a wide selection of corkscrews which ranges from plastic to wooden, to stainless steel products. Thanks to an important project with the design school of Pordenone (ISIA), the company has recently developed two important levers systems patented: the dual-axis mechanism and a double lever system (Farfalli DLS).

Farfalli catalogue contains also the original model “Doge” characterized by Murano glass inserts from certified manufacturing. Murano is the little island near Venice, famous worldwide for its glass working activity.

Every productional step, from the innovative materials selection (aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium) to the assembly system and the finishing, is strictly monitored by the company; this is why Farfalli reached the UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 quality certification in year 2000.



Maniago is a small city located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Northeastern Italy, where already¬†during the Roman Age, an important¬†production of blades and knives took place thanks to the specific valley’s position and the presence of¬†water and iron. This old tradition that makes Maniago well-known in all over the world for its cutlery production, has been carried on also under the Venetian Republic. During that period work began on the making of halberds for the army, while in subsequent centuries production became more varied. Presently, within the municipality of Maniago, kitchen, hunting, sports knives are produced, along with industrial blades, gardening scissors and corkscrews.

Farfalli comes from this district: working from 1950, the company began its production¬†with the manufacturing of pocket knives (gadgets for tourists). In the following years Farfalli both expanded its market to the foreign countries and began to develop¬†the promotional articles. The production still grew up until the main activity that of¬†corkscrew manufacturing.¬†The company was later managed by Marino’s sons Giovanni, Mario, Germano and Armando. From year 2000, Farfalli is managed by Marino’s nephew Daniele.

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