Barkolana expansion game cards


Expansion game cards Mati per Barkolana, the official Barcolana regatta 50th edition's game.

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Barkolana expansion game cards

Barkolana board game is the official Barcolana regatta 50th edition’s game. The 36 expansion cards of Barkolana Mati per Barkolana have been exclusively developed for this international event which will take place on October 14th, 2018.

These 36 special cards present 17 characters looking for a boarding: you will find the typical sail men, from the serious helmsman to the joking zachete and mona. Your game will be still more engaging with these special figures. Barkolana expansion cards can be used only in combination with Barkolana board game.

Here below some peculiarities of the Barcolana expansion board cards:

TATTICA (strategy): depending on the windy conditions make your best sail choice.
MORBIN (a typical local word for “vivacity”: pay attention to whom is going to get ready motors, cannons on the own ship to shoot to the rivals!
PROVE DI ABILITÀ MARINARESCA (sailor’s ability tests): try to earn money (bori) passing over apnoea tests or telling Anglo-saxon nursey rhymes.
BORI: the city famous for its strong wind, the “bora”, must have a coin called “boro”!


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Monon Behavior is the title of a series of satirical books by Diego Manna on the peculiarities of the people of Trieste, written in a style that reflects that of university publications, giving to the whole a “pseudo-scientific” cut. Subsequently the brand has evolved, merging with the opinion website Bora.La of Trieste and the surrounding area, and taking care of its publications.

In addition, there is also a section dedicated to games with Frico, the game by Diego Manna and Erika Ronchin, which jokes about the rivalry between Trieste and Udine that fosters a better understanding of each other.

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“Barkolana expansion game cards”

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