Dolce merenda


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Dolce merenda

For a moment of pure pleasure we suggest this delicate and floral table ware set: whether it is for the morning breakfast or for a snack at home or outside, this elegant ensemble comprising Friulian traditional floral ceramics is always suitable to serve sweets and drinks; completing the set there is a spatula to serve the cakes from the Lamami line realized in Maniago.

Fiore ceramics comes from the Ceramiche Fabbro with a floral pattern, that revisits the typical flowers of the Friuli tradition in a modern key.

Product created using non-toxic colours and intended for food. It is dishwasher proof. Possible imperfections or minor differences of the product compared to the photo indicate the high craftsmanship of a handmade product. Diameter of rim 8.50 cm.

A cake spatula from the Lamami line, with stainless steel blade, stainless steel rivets, and a pearl handle; ideal for cutting and serving your dessert. Perfect as a gift idea, it comes supplied in an elegant eco-sustainable book package, designed to protect the product. Length of blade 14 cm.



Ceramiche Fabbro is a historic Friulian furnace that was founded in 1919 with the intention of continuing the activity of the master potters of the nineteenth century. Known for its production of handcrafted ceramics that are inspired by the popular culture of the past, in recent decades it has been able to renew itself by also creating a series of new lines and decorations, both of traditional inspiration and of a more modern style. All the Fabbro ceramics are hand painted, using a skilful combination of colours and brushes.

Coltellerie Marcello Beltrame presents Lamami, an innovative and high profile range of knives designed to rediscover the love for the cutting and the joy to share a flavor; the name Lamami, in fact, is the combination of the two Italian words “Lama” (blade) and “Amami” (love me). The innovative and elegant Lamami line comprises various high quality pieces, related by their scope of use, and tied to an original concept, that of the “book” in which the tools can be kept after use and can be taken to different places.



This line is inspired by the decoration of Galvani, the most important ceramic producer of our Region in the nineteenth century, with a typical Friulian floral pattern of blue, pink and yellow.

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“Dolce merenda”