Wall clock in Grey Carnico


Classic and essential style for the wall clock in marble (Grey Carnico), with hour and minute hands.

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Wall clock in Grey Carnico

Wall clock in Grey Carnico, an article that distinguishes itself for the choice of the raw material, obtained from locally extracted and worked marble (from the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia). Diameter 30 cm.

On request, the article can be customised with coats of arms and/or other symbols, the colours of the hours and the hands, and the material. The Mansutti clocks are realized in four types of marble: Fior di pesco Carnico of Pierabech (peach veining); Rosso of Verzegnis (red); Grigio Carnico of Carnia (dark grey) and Pietra Piasentina of Cividale (light grey). Please contact us.

For cleaning it is recommended to just pass a damp cloth over the article.



Starting from the watch making tradition of his family, and thanks to his experience as a descendant of emigrants abroad, the owner Italo Mansutti, has always expressed in his works a sense of belonging to his land.

For example, taking their cue from the tradition of clocks built in Pesariis (Carnia) and utilising regional marbles, the Mansutti jewellers has created the line of wall clocks in marble.

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“Wall clock in Grey Carnico”